HMGS-MW Media Page


This is where you will find the the links to all media (videos, TV, Newspapers, etc.), and also where you will find the link to the OFFICAL HMGS-Mdwest Youtube channel!

Announcing the Official HMGS-Midwest Youtube Channel!

HMGS - Midwest Youtube Channel

The first four videos have been uploaded to our new Youtube channel. These include:
* The Uncle Duke Interview
* The Frank Chadwick Interview
* Little Wars 2014 Video
* Little Wars 2015 Video
Links for Videos on Little Wars, and HMGS-Midwest hosted by other folks:

Videos by Allen Rockwell of GameCraft Miniatures
Various Sights and Sounds from Little Wars 2015

Little Wars 2015 Force on Force

In The Game Room - Episode 12 - Little Wars 2016

In The Game Room - Episode 13 - Interview Special

In The Game Room - Episode 14 - Little Wars 2016 Saturday

Videos by Terrainaholic
GenCon Interview with Kevin Cabai


WGN's All Around Town Coverage of Little Wars 2017 Around Town Checks out the Little Wars Gaming Convention

Prior to the 2016 Little Wars convention, Chicago's own ABC 7's Frank Mathie visited with our President Steve Fratt at his house for an interview. History's Greatest Battles Replicated in Miniature.


During Little Wars 2016, we had reporter Kate Thayer from the Chicago Tribune attend the convention and filed this report in the Sunday May 28th edition. Miniature war gaming is big with history buffs.