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HMGS-Midwest presents Winter War College  

Midway ‘75

at Trinity College
2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015
in the McLennan building, second floor
on Saturday - January 21, 2017

FREE for HMGS-Midwest Members only!

Midway ‘75 is a double blind game about the decisive turning point in the Pacific at Midway Island June, 1942. Every ship and plane will be represented by a model. Players will be a part of a Japanese or United States task force in separate rooms. Each task force will send out scouts to find the enemy, order strike forces to attack - anxiously waiting for the results - listening to “chatter” over the “radio.” Judges will oversee all events, informing players of what intelligence was gathered and results of attacks.

The HMGS-Midwest Board wants the membership to understand that HMGS-Midwest is more than just the Little Wars convention. We want to further the understanding of military history in a variety of ways. This special War College allows us to help the membership experience military history in ways which are difficult to match at the Little Wars convention.

The Details

Who Can Participate? - open only to HMGS-Midwest members
[$10 annually to join, contact Membership Vice President Kevin Cabai at kcabai@aol.com ]

How Do I Sign Up for the Game? - contact President Steve Fratt at sfratt@tiu.edu Indicate your phone number and whether you want to be USA or Japanese

This War College is for those interested in a kriegspiel, roleplaying experience which focuses on first person decision-making rather than just playing another game. If you are not an actual player, you are welcomed to come and observe

Food? Available on the Trinity campus at Hawkins Hall [cafeteria style - $12] Fresh [coffees, café food, grab and go] and vending machines in McLennan

Time? 9am [Briefing begins in McLennan lobby] to 5pm with breaks along the way

Parking? Free - in the McLennan parking lot - south side of McLennan Building

Questions? Contact - Steve Fratt, President - HMGS-Midwest at sfratt@tiu.edu or (847) 693-8460

BONUS! – if we have lots of players we will also run a separate Pearl Harbor game!

More Information to follow after the Holidays

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HMGS - Midwest Youtube Channel

HMGS - Midwest Youtube Channel Launched  

HMGS - Midwest Youtube Channel

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Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter Now Available!  

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We have dropped the forum for non-use!  

Since it was seldom used, and we have a Facebook page, we have removed the forum.

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Fall Winter 2014/2015 Newsletter Now Available!  

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Little Wars New Home for 2016 and 2017!  

Little Wars will be moving, starting in 2016 Little Wars has a new home. The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. We have secured a 2 year deal with the Westin.
The Westin is located at 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, Illinois. They have 500 guest rooms and suites and 39,000 sq ft of function space.
The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center offers the following:
- complimentary Wi-fi in the lobby and public areas
- complimentary parking for all attendees
- complimentary access to the Westin Fitness Center for all attendees
- complimentary shuttle service within 5 miles of the hotel
- walking distance to an in-door shopping center
- group rate valid three days prior and post event dates
There is a loading dock within the facility for use by the vendors. Game masters can unload and enter through doors that lead to the Grand Ballroom. All games will be in one room. The Vendors will be located in an adjacent room. There will be another adjacent room for the flea market & War College.
There will be food and beverage consessions available to those that desire to purchase something fast and get back to their tables to play. There are many quality near-by places to get something to eat. Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse is located in the facility.
The rooms are exceptional. The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center was the former home to Adepticon. They outgrew the facility and were kind enough to recommend them to us.
The Little Wars 2015 Convention guide will contain not only information about the hotel, but pictures that show the Grand Ballroom & Guest Rooms as well.

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Summer 2014 Newsletter Now Available!  

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Spring 2014 Newsletter Now Available!  

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Winter 2014 Newsletter Now Available!  

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Little Wars PreRegistration is OPEN, PEL is Out!  

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Fall 2013 Newsletter Now Available!  

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Little Wars 2014 Event Submission is now OPEN!  

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Added a new page for our favorite links!  

Favorite Link Page!

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The Spring / Summer Newsletter is now available!  

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See the INFO page for a Resolution that is being proposed and needs your votes at the Little Wars 2013 Member meeting on Sunday April 28th.  

See the Info Page and the LW 2013 Program book for your Voters Proxy!

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The Winter Newsletter is now available!;  

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Little Wars 2013 Pre-Registration is OPEN!;  

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The Fall Newsletter is now available!;  

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Little Wars 2013 Event Submission is OPEN;  

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Little Wars 2012 Pre-Registration is OPEN and PEL is Available;  

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Winter 2012 Newsletter Available;  

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Little Wars 2012 Event Submission Deadline for the PEL approaching - Jan 27,2012;  

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Fall 2011 Newsletter Available;  

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Summer 2011 Newsletter Available;  

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Spring 2011 Newsletter Available;  

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Winter 2010-11 Newsletter Available;  

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Fall 2010 Newsletter Available;  

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Summer 2010 Newsletter Available;  

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Luthercon 2010 Details Available;  

Luthercon November 6th, 2010 at Luther North High School, Chicago Il!

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Spring 2010 Newsletter Available;  

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Wargames Illustrated Issue #269;  

On page 4 of the issue you will find under News and Events Little Wars is listed!
There is also a short article with pictures. Enjoy!

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Little Wars 2010 update coming soon!.   

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   If anyone would like a judges submission form please see the files provided on this site or feel free to contact Steve at:


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There is an HMGS Midwest Yahoo group:


Please head on over and sign up.  Visit this site and sign up for the HMGS Midwest yahoo discussion group.





101 W. Prospect Ave. Mt. Prospect, IL

Phone: 847-577-9656


The second Friday of each month is Historical Miniatures Night at Games Plus in Mt Prospect Illinois. The local  group hosts a night for beginners and experienced folks alike to come and enjoy a miniatures game - either by learning or playing games they already know. Anyone is welcome to, and encouraged to, run games as well.

Details can be found at  www.games-plus.com.




Location: Holiday Inn Downtown
213 W. Washington Street
South Bend, Indiana 46601

Hotel Reservations Call:   1-574-232-3941

Convention hours: Friday from 8:30 a.m. to midnight
Saturday from 8:30 to midnight



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