HMGS Midwest is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations to HMGS Midwest are tax deductible.

Cash donations help to support the administrative costs of serving our membership through our website, communication tools and for providing insurance for all events. In addition, these donations can help provide new equipment for improving our events and providing great experiences to the miniature wargaming hobbyists.

Many of us also have miniatures, terrain, books and other items that we will never paint, model, or use as we may have moved on to other gaming eras and interests. We accept donations of these gaming items and will redeploy your troops in a way that will help provide them a new home as well as continue to help us promote our mission of spreading the joy and knowledge we gain from miniature wargaming.

If you have gaming items or are interested in acquiring gaming items, please drop Jon Michal, our legal counsel, a note at

Thanks to all of those members and friends of HMGS Midwest in the past who have made past donations to help bring our club to where we are today!