Special Guest at our Upcoming Little Wars Convention

Glen Simpson will be joining us as our special guest at Little Wars 2024!

Sneak Peak-2024 Little Wars Guest of Honor Glen Simpson

Glen’s oldest memory of Christmas morning is receiving a bag of Green Armey Men. At the same time, every box of cereal consumed at Glen?”S house uelded more Roman, Carthaginian, Trojan and Greek soldiers – later to be replaced by medieval knights….it was an awesome time to be a kid.

The first official wargame club started up at the war museum in Ottawa (Canada) expanding the scope of his interest in wargaming and the emergence of Lord of the Rings moved him towards fantasy as well as historical. In 1997, Glen attended his first GenCon. By the end of that convention, Glen was on his way to forming the playtest and demo group still known today as the Ottawa Red Shirts. And he has been the constant!

After a time, he helped create Red Shirt Games which cranked out 12 rule sets covering the gamut of historical, fantasy and sci-fi skirmish games. Glen is extremely honored to have been asked to attend Little Wars 2024 so look him up!