Special Guests at our Upcoming Little Wars Convention

James Harris and Phil Bock will be joining us as our special guests at Little Wars 2023!

(From Left, Kevin Cabai, President HMGS MW, Phil Bock, James Harris – winning the Best Theme Table at Little Wars 2022)

Sneak Peak-2022 Little Wars Guests of Honor James Harris and Phil Bock

Jim Harris and Phil Bock met in college in 1989 at ISU in Normal, Illinois where Jim got his Masters in History with honors and Phil a degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Jim introduced Phil to historical miniature war gaming in 1992 at Winter Wars in Champaign, Illinois.  Inspired by attending the Last Square Invitationals in Madison, Wisconsin, they decided to write a ruleset. They created Wilderness Wars, designed for gaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence.  Established in 2002, they called their business Normal Warfare as they both went to college in Normal.

In 2019, they published Redcoats in the Wilderness as an update to their rules focused on the French and Indian War (available on Amazon). This year at Little Wars 2023, they will be debuting Redcoats in the Wilderness: American War of Independence Edition – come out and meet them as they play an teach their excellent rule set!