Archived Conventions and Events

Archived Conventions/Events

Wounded Warrior – Little Wars 2022 Raffle! Rorke’s Drift

Little Wars 2022 Raffle to Benefit Wounded Warrior Each year at Little Wars, HMGS Midwest holds a raffle for a historical war themed painting/print. Net proceeds are given to Wounded Warrior Project. In 2021, your generosity produced the highest donation ever at $1,303 to support the Wounded Warrior Project services! This year, we are raffling...

HMGS Invades Garycon and Adepticon 2020

Check out the games some our HMGS MW members will be running at the upcoming conventions! Adepticon Games Garycon Games

Omaha Beach at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show

Steve Fratt is running an Omaha Beach game using plastic toy soldiers with simple rules at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show on Sunday, September 22, 2019. HMGS-MW was invited to be a sponsor and run a game showing the Toy Soldier Collectors what they might do with their soldiers. Everyone, especially kids, are invited to...

Final List of Little Wars 2019 Events

Please find an up-to-date list of events at Little Wars 2019 at the link below. Note that there have been a number of game slots reserved for on-site registration. List of LW 2019 Events-4-21-2019 (MS Excel) List of LW 2019 Events-4-21-2019 (PDF)

Vendor Lineup for LW 2019

Check out the vendor lineup at Little Wars 2019! 2019 NS vendors

Map of Trinity for Autumn Wars This Saturday, Nov. 3

Autumn Wars 2018 TIU Campus Map

Two HMGS-Midwest Events in October and November

This fall, the action picks up again for HMGS-Midwest members with two sponsored events! Birth of the United States Navy Museum of the Sailor Great Lakes Naval Station,  Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9am – Noon Cost – Free for HMGS-Midwest members (non-members can join HMGS-Midwest – $10) HMGS-Midwest members will be going up against Naval...

Awards at Little Wars 2018

There were two major awards announced at Little Wars 2018 and two more that the Board is announcing as a result of the convention. Todd Fisher Awards 2018 The Todd Fisher Award is presented to HMGS-Midwest members which have shown commitment and service to HMGS-Midwest and Little Wars. Nominations for the award are submitted in...

Upcoming Conventions with Games Sponsored by HMGS-Midwest – 2018

HMGS-Midwest actively supports other conventions in the Midwest to build the greater gaming community and attract new members into the ranks of historical miniature gaming. These excellent conventions are always a good time – come out and support our volunteer judges! And let us know if you’d like to volunteer to carry the HMGS-Midwest flag...

Little Wars 2017 Theme Winner – Clash of Civilizations!

Little Wars 2017 Winner for Best Theme “Clash of Civilizations” goes to Andrew Schapals for his two Sci Fi events (yes, two events) entitled “You’re Making Caesar Cry” – Battle of New Ape City -3270AD and “Apes and Mutants and Bombs, Oh My!” – Ape Assault on the Forbidden Zone -2670AD. Both games were Parent-Child...

WGN’s All Around Town Coverage of Little Wars 2017

Around Town Checks out the Little Wars Gaming Convention

Little Wars 2016 Theme Winner – Revolution!

Little Wars 2016 Winner for Best Theme “Revolution” goes to Aaron Filter and Phil Cook for their AWI events (yes, events) entitled Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights. Both games were 28mm utilizing Black Powder rules. They also ran a Zula wars games as well. Everyone had a great time playing these games, and they made...