Archived Conventions and Events

Archived Conventions/Events

Little Wars 2011 Theme Winner – Last Stands & Forlorn Hopes!

he winner of the the 2011 Theme Award goes to Michael Harris. Michael brought his beautiful French and Indian Wars game complete with a painted back drop. His terrain board included a river, lake, bridge, boat, and realistic looking mountain path. Much fun was had playing this game that Michael ran twice during the convention....

Little Wars 2010 Theme Winner – Warfare in the Orient!

The winner of the 2010 Theme Award goes to Kevin MacDonald for his Operation Bear Grease II Viet Nam game. Kevin’s helicopters had great paintjobs right down to the men hanging out the doors on the guns. Everyone that played in the game had a great time and claimed it was the best game they...


Location: Holiday Inn Downtown 213 W. Washington Street South Bend, Indiana 46601 Hotel Reservations Call:   1-574-232-3941 Convention hours: Friday from 8:30 a.m. to midnight Saturday from 8:30 to midnight