HMGS-Midwest Board Elections – 2019

It is time again for Board of Director elections for HMGS-Midwest. As laid out in the current Bylaws the procedures are as follows:

1) By the end of November before the election in the following spring the current Board will announce whether or not they are considering serving another term of office and the membership is informed (this information was posted on the HMGS Midwest Facebook page before that date).

2) Once members see the list of incumbents, they will have a chance to run for office by letting the current Board know of their intentions of running for which position by January 31, 2019. Please attach a picture and a paragraph explaining why you would like to serve in the position. We will use these in the official ballot. (Candidates should send the email to
3) The Board will create a ballot and send it to every member via email with all the candidates, their paragraphs of explanation and picture

4) The membership will send the completed ballot via US Mail to
Membership Vice President HMGS-Midwest

5) All mailed ballots must be received by March 31st to be valid. Envelopes will remain unopened until the ballots are counted in April at public place in to be determined

6) Results of the election will be announced at the annual Members meeting on Sunday at Little Wars 2019

The incumbents desiring to serve another term include:

Steve Fratt for President
Kevin Cabai for Membership Vice President
Paul Dayton for Treasurer
Tom Zwerg for Secretary [appointed by the Board to serve out the office]
Jim Roots for Board Member at Large


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