Two HMGS-Midwest Events in October and November

This fall, the action picks up again for HMGS-Midwest members with two sponsored events!

Birth of the United States Navy

Museum of the Sailor Great Lakes Naval Station,  Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9am – Noon

Cost – Free for HMGS-Midwest members (non-members can join HMGS-Midwest – $10)

HMGS-Midwest members will be going up against Naval Personnel again, this time to commemorate the birth of the US Navy. We will be conducting a series of naval duels using Ares Games Sails of Glory basic rules [no experience necessary] spanning from the Revolutionary War [Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis] to the War of 1812 [Constitution vs Guerriere]. The plan is that everyone will be able to play in each of the six duels – we will keep a running count of victories for each side to claim bragging rights.  There will be plenty of extra ships available for pickup duels as well.

Please sign up now space may be limited. Contact Steve Fratt at president@hmgsmidwest.com with following information: Name, telephone #, preferred email

Autumn Wars 2018

Warfare Before the Twentieth Century, Saturday November 3, 2018 at Trinity International University, 9am – Midnight

Cost = $10 HMGS-Midwest members ($20 non-members)

The Board has organized a one-day mini-convention in the late fall to serve our membership. For the first Autumn Wars we wanted to give attention to the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods. GM sign-ups are now! Attendee registration begins early October.

          Tentative Schedule                                   Food Service

  • 9am – 5pm:    Daytime Session               Breakfast  $ 7   9:30 – 11am

  •  5pm – 7pm:    Dinner Break                    Brunch     $10   11am – 1:30pm

  •  7pm – Midnight:  Evening Session       Dinner    $12   5:00 – 6:00 pm

GM s may use game tables composed of two, three, or four, 6′ x 30″ [2 ½’] tables. Melton Hall is 72′ x 51′ so we have about 12 tables, 6′ x 10′ for each session.

Games so Far

American Civil War-Dennis Bulawa
Ancients-John Schmid
Colonial-Jon Michael
English Civil War – Paul Dayton
First Day Gettysburg – Tom Koczak
Napoleon’s Battles-Curt Sabo
Quatre Bras – Steve Fratt
Seven Years War-James Henif
Viking Raid – Jim Roots

If you wish to GM a game, please contact Steve Fratt NOW! at president@hmgsmidwest.com with following information: Name, phone, preferred email, game title, length, session[s], #of tables, #of players.

To register for attendance and games, please go to https://tabletop.events/conventions/autumn-wars-2018

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